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Film Noir “A Walk Downtown” | Hannah & Travis

My muse (the nagging voice inside my head) would not let me be until I did a shoot inspired by the film noir movies in the 1940’s-1950’s. I have been plagued for MONTHS. And really? It’s one of my favorite genres of film. Maybe I’m a bit dark, but I love drama and emotion, and to be able to portray that in my work is something I strive for everyday. I think it took months because I haven’t found the right couple. Each styled session I shoot is tailored specifically to the individual couples. So when I met Hannah while teaching a modeling workshop for FGCU students at Koreshan State Park, and found out she had a long-time boyfriend, Travis – it just clicked.  Travis and Hannah have been together since sophomore year in high school and met at a church camping retreat. Aww!

A Walk Downtown is about two people who met one night, spend all evening together, and depart – never to see each other again. I hope you enjoy!

Film-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-ShootFilm-Noir-Downtown-Fort-Myers-Couple-Photo-Shoot If you love my work you can share it with your friends (via Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest)! AND! You can always connect with me by clicking on the “Contact” button up top, or at the bottom of this post.


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