Frequently Asked Questions: Weddings

What’s up with the “Zee”?

Zee Anna! (with the exclamation mark) was my nickname when I first started photography on a photo sharing site called Flickr. It’s a play off the word THE pronounce like “thee“, but I didn’t think anyone would get that in text, so I became “Zee Anna!”. Even though my name is Anna, I still have people call me Zee or Zee Anna – it’s who I am!

What’s your style?

I am an expressive documentary-style photographer. My main goal is to tell your story as it unfolds naturally in front of me. I seek out moments I know will be found many years later in a shoe box of sorts full of old photos that was treasured, loved on, and reminisced about. I sprinkle in some beautiful details and creatively posed portraits to finish out your wedding collection, photographs are delivered as a mix of both color and black and white.

How can we meet with you if we don’t live in Southwest Florida?

I love nothing more than to meet with my clients in person, or via Skype/Google+ hangout. Sometimes this just isn’t possible, so we usually take care of most details via e-mail, texts, Facebook (If we become friends), and phone calls. We do try and travel as much as we can – so if I’m close by I’ll touch base about stopping in to chat.

How would you describe the way you work at a wedding, especially with camera shy people?

I work in a happy and calm manner. I work to blend into your day – popping in when only necessary to direct group shots, portraits or getting into the middle of a great dance floor (I can’t resist a good dance party). My goal is for you to not worry about photography and more about getting married to your best friend and spending the day with the closest people in your life. I just want you to be yourselves, and will always make your comfort level a priority. I am a problem solver, it is not uncommon for me to pull out a sewing kit, fix a boutonniere or bouquet or redo a manicure if I know it will keep stress levels down and my wedding couple happy.

What if it rains on our wedding day, do you have a back up plan?

Living in Florida for the past 8 years has taught me one thing about the weather – it rains, and stops, and the weatherman is right 65% of the time. Most venues here have a back-up plan in case it rains, if it does – we always make it work. Some of my favorite photos have been made on gloomy and rainy days. I’m always thinking – let’s make the best of this, let’s show everyone we’re not scared of the rain. I also use DarkSky and Skymotion (both weather apps) to monitor the rain frequency on your wedding – it can pinpoint rain up to 15 minutes from when it will downpour via GPS. Plenty of time to prepare our gear to keep shooting or move you and your guests to a better location.

Do you need a shots list from us?

The only shots list I will need from you will be a formal family check list to make our formals run as smoothly as possible – this I will provide for you at our consultation, or you can click here.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

All wedding packages come with myself and a second photographer. The second photographer will be a respected and talented individual with a similar shooting style to myself. We work as a team and this is important for a complete and cohesive wedding collection.

When can I see my wedding collection?

I take great care in making sure your wedding images are perfect and look fantastic. The selection and editing of your images can take up to 2 months for an entire collection to be completed and delivered. Sneak peeks are common throughout the waiting process.

When will my album be ready?

Album designs are usually completed 2-3 months after your wedding collection has been delivered. When an album can be printed and delivered depends solely on when your revisions and edits are completed and approved by you. After approval it usually takes less than a month to receive your wedding album in the mail.

Do you shoot film or digital?

I shoot digital on Nikon equipment. I am dabbling in film now and hope to add something special to my clients’ wedding day and sessions. I love surprising my clients  🙂

Will you travel for other portrait sessions; including engagement, family, couples, etc?

Yes! Both Kerry and I love to travel, please contact us for travel specifications.

How do we hire you?

Click on the “Contact” tab above or below this post and let’s chat!