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Capturing moments, delivering memories, believing in magic

Extraordinary wedding and portrait photography is all about connection and the little things that make you, you. When you commission us to photograph your life we’ll capture the essence of your love and relationships by focusing on what makes them beautifully unique and unrepeatable. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than pressing the shutter at the split second that your daughter dances with joy, your dad breaks down in tears, and your partner puts the ring on your finger.

Album, Prints & Artwork

Evocative Photography You Can See, Touch and Feel

Wedding and portrait photographs are meant to make you remember the best moments of your life. It’s the joy you find looking at them that makes them so irreplaceable. That’s why we offer only the most long-lasting luxury wedding albums, prints and wall art. Let us show you our collection and create products personalized to enhance your home.

Fine art photo album by Zee Anna Photography
Framed wall art by Zee Anna Photography

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Stylish Indian wedding portrait by Florida photographer Zee Anna
Stylish wedding portrait by Florida photographer Zee Anna
Black and white wedding dance floor photo by Florida photographer Zee Anna

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When you’re caught up in the moment all that matters is the way you feel. We want to be there to document your moments in the present and capture them for the future. Reach out to us for portrait and wedding photography in Naples, Sarasota, Miami, Boca and West Palm Beach. We can’t wait to take your pictures.