Joe and Katessa have been together for almost three years, they are perfect for each other. I love her and my family adores her and she makes my big brother so happy. Obviously, I am going to want to photograph them! I did a session for them last year when they visited for my college graduation, so this year we wanted to do something different.

Our concept: Sugar Skulls.

Katessa just wanted to do herself, but I grew the concept to include my unwilling, but later willing, older brother to do a couple’s concept shoot. Enjoy the results!

Make-Up: Katessa

Concept: Katessa & Anna

Photo Execution & Production: Anna 

Lighting Assistant: Kerry

Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Female Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Make Up
Day of the Dead Couple
Female Day of Dead Sugar Skull Make Up
Male Day of the Dead Make Up
Couple Day of the Dead

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