I have been working with the West Point Society Naples since last year and these are some of my favorite people! They are not only very kind, they are charismatic, and they are raising and educating some of the best students and citizens for our country through support for West Point Academy.

I have a soft spot for military, my older brother enlisting at age 18 and moving quickly through the ranks to E7 before age 30, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan more than 4 times during that war. I highly respect and greatly thank all of our military’s sacrifices to our country. So you bet it was a treat to photograph alumni, veterans and heroes local to my area.

The Founder’s Day event is a chance for new candidates to meet and network with Alumni from West Point Academy. It’s a wonderful event hosted at Grey Oaks Country Club each year. Enjoy some of my favorites from this event.

I’m really looking forward to continuing this relationship with this group into 2020!