Jazzmine and Bobby said their heart-felt vows in front of less than 40 of their closest family and friends in the beautiful Mina’s Moonlight Garden at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida, and then went on a 10 minute walk through the Estates to be by themselves and reflect on their new marriage – it was beautiful, in a soulful way. Jazzmine and Bobby chose the Edison & Ford Winter Estates because her grandfather was the Head Architect of the restoration of the buildings on the Estates and it really meant something to her family to have it there.

Jazzmine also has some amazingly crafty and talented friends who banded together to bring her imagination to life. I AM OBSESSED. Her wedding invitation was hand-drawn by one of her talented artists friends, Becky Bump, and Jazzmine designed her menus, escort cards, and RSVP cards with elements from the drawing – so touching and awesome at the same time. Her friend Brittany Jackson did all the decorating at her reception location, the Veranda, and created all the paper crafts at the reception including the awesome wedding dinosaurs! WEDDING DINOSAURS! My heart burst when I saw them and wanted them immediately.

Jazzmine sprinkled little meaningful details into all of her wedding designs. One of my favorites that she told me was the meaning of her locket around her bouquet. Many brides wrap keepsakes or little photos of their loved ones past and present on their bouquets in remembrance or honor. Her’s was one of my favorite stories.

In her own words,

The thing [locket] wrapped around my bouquet was a photo of my Mom and my biological Mom. Biological Mom’s name was Andrea and she passed away when I was 6 years old. Before she passed away, she asked her sister to take care of me. Her and her husband adopted me, and I call them Mom and Dad. 🙂 We’re all the best thing that’s ever happened to all of us! 🙂 🙂 The other photo of course is the groom and our dog fuzzy. 😉

Did you just feel your heart squeeze? Mine did. How can you not love this couple?

I am so thrilled to be sharing this wedding because I could not be happier for these two. I met Jazzmine a few years ago at a Help-Portrait event, she was one of the photographers, and we kept in touch since. When I met Bobby, he was down-to-earth and knew what he loved, and he loved Jazzmine. You can see it in the way they talk to each other, in the way they say each other’s names, in the way they reach for each other’s hand, and in the way they think about each other’s comfort. I also loved that every detail of their wedding was significant to them or was a tribute to someone or their memory.

Do enjoy this wedding as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

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I am especially thankful for the other amazing professionals I worked with on this wedding. I am blow away by how hard you all worked, the craftsmanship you placed in your pieces, and how helpful and on top of everything you all seemed to be! You all ROCK!

Ceremony location: Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Reception location: The Veranda

Florals: Signature Florals

Invitations & Stationary: Artwork by Becky Bump & Designed and Printed by Jazzmine (Bride)

Wedding Decor and Other crafts: The Silent Owl (Brittany Jackson)

Cake & Chocolates: Publix & Norman Love

Dress: For the Bride

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