Earlier this evening I was on “Life Through the Lens” with my co-hosts and special guests Robin Griggs Woods and Alan Shapiro and we were discussing the concept of “Pay it Forward.” I love paying it forward. I’m addicted to the warm and fuzzy feelings I get when people are happy. That’s probably why I love weddings so much. Anyways, we are digressing from the main point.

Last month I had the opportunity to do a very fun promo with Extend & Mend International. A fantastic company dedicated to making women feel beautiful, building confidence, and “mending self-esteem.” When I spoke to Christa about why she came up with her company, it really touched my heart. Her best friend Ruthea was diagnosed with cancer in high school. The fact that she had cancer didn’t phase her – it was when she lost her hair that she fell apart. With this realization, Christa set out and created Extend and Mend International, bringing hair extensions, wigs, and the such to women suffering from cancer or other hair related aliments.

Being a big hair person myself, it was a great match – we both believed in our cause. She to promote her business, myself to make sure she had great photos that showed off her hair products and the women who wear them. I hope you all enjoy the following photos, these women are from different backgrounds, some modeled before, others never. But each totally rocked it!!


these women are SO FIERCE!! Love it!

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