When I first spoke to Erin on the phone, the first thing I remember her asking was, “Are you pregnant or plan to be pregnant around October 22, this year?”, taken by surprise, I giggled and said, “I hope not!”. Erin and Marc had been a referral from Marc’s brother, a great friend of mine and one hell of a dancer! Turns out most of the photographers that Erin spoke to in the area were getting pregnant or who were pregnant and could not guarantee that they would be able to shoot her wedding. I am so glad Marc and Erin decided on us to help share in the festivities!

Not only did Marc and Erin both encouraged us to partake in the festivities – who says I won’t fist pump it out with some Italians from Jersey? – they and their families were just all around fun and awesome people. DJ Gil Blake kept the music coming all night long and it was so far one of the most memorable weddings I have ever attended, let alone photographed. I freaking love my job.

Thank you Marc and Erin for such a beautiful, fun, and love-filled day!! Congratulations and best wishes for you both!!

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