Jennifer had been referred to me by my mother, yes my mother! Jennifer was getting her nails done at my Aunt McKenzie’s Nail Salon and Spa, Pro Nails (239.403.9101) and talking about how she was so upset she was not going to have any good Christmas photos and my family encouraged her to contact me. I had already gone on my self-imposed vacation away from “work photography” when she called but there was no way, from the sound of her voice, that I was going to deny a family client holiday photos. I arrived at her home two days later and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas, it was almost like walking onto a Christmas set! I just HAD to take advantage of the beautiful decor with her children. Her kids were such a blast!! Walking into their home Samantha, the littlest came right up to me and gave me a big hug! I couldn’t resist, they are just WAY TOO CUTE. Such a beautiful family!!


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