Last month, I had my first taste of shooting underwater, it was with a few friends who came from out of town and out of state and we never really left the pool or beach. The first few frames I ever shot were with a iPhone5 in a LifeProof case. When I saw the photos in post, I just had to keep doing it! I did a ton of research (naturally!), but I was not ready to pay upwards of 2k for a housing I was afraid would sit on the shelf, so I looked into an underwater point and shoot camera. Now, a lot of people bash point and shoots because they aren’t “real cameras”, but the best camera is always the one you have with you (not my quote – I think Chase Jarvis said this). I felt limited when I would go out with friends and didn’t want to lug around a huge DSLR, so it just felt right that I should buy a point and shoot that fit in my dress pocket. I did A LOT of research, watched a ton of YouTube videos on the different types of underwater or “rugged” or “Anna Proof” cameras and found the one to be most beneficial to myself was the Nikon AW110. There are some limitations, but with limitations, my experience in photography really comes into play. Below, you will find a mixture of iPhonegraphy images underwater with another fellow photographer, Stephanie Lynn, and underwater images I shot recently with the lovely Heather.


Fine Art photography shot underwater in Naples FloridaFine Art photography shot underwater in Naples FloridaNaples-UnderwaterPhotography-Heather-3Naples-UnderwaterPhotography-Heather-4Naples-UnderwaterPhotography-Stephanie-1Naples-UnderwaterPhotography-Stephanie-3Naples-UnderwaterPhotography-Stephanie-4Naples-UnderwaterPhotography-Stephanie-5Naples-UnderwaterPhotography-Stephanie-7

Can you tell the difference between the two cameras? Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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