Kerry and I left Ohio a few days ago and had such a great time. Who knew that one morning, I would get this crazy idea in my head to road trip across the country doing photo shoots – ultimately ending in San Francisco for a wedding we are shooting at the beginning of September. We figured we visit family while we trekked our little family across the country, explore a bit of the surrounding areas, and eat a ton of amazing food. I traveled to Erie, PA and Ripley, NY for a wedding during our stay in Ohio with the ever-awesome Nikki MayDay Photography and we totally rocked it – photos to follow. Naturally my travels are on my instagram (@zeeanna if you want to follow.) We left Nashville, TN, Tuesday and drove through the night for Killeen and Austin, TX. Arkansas must be prettier in the day because Little Rock was amazing to see at night, but the roads are TOUGH in the rain. There were a few days where I went into “vacation mode” and took my phone with me on my travels vs the DSLR, so this post will be sprinkled with many iPhone and DSLR pictures. This is just for Ohio, Tennessee and Texas will have their own posts. Also, I have a ton of great stuff coming up for wedding tips and tricks, so stay tuned!

ROAD TRIP UPDATE: We will be here in Killeen/Austin, TX until next Wednesday, July 31st – if you are interested in a shoot or a consultation – let’s chat!

Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013

We got a new puppy! His name is Einstein and he’s a cutie-patootie Welsh Pembroke Corgi.
Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013

These were his Ohio puppy playmates: Bella, a Coton Tulear and Pisces, a Yorkie.Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013

Ein loves Ohio.Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013

One big issue I experienced while in Ohio is the lack of good internet out in the middle of nowhere. So we nearly took over poor Kerry’s step grandfather’s office for a week. A big sorry to my clients who had to experience that lack of communication due to internet issues!

Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013

We took an impromptu tour of Ohio State University – that school is HUGE, and spend a bit of time replenishing our photography gear for the road – LOVE MPEX – such AMAZING customer service!Ohio Summer Road Trip 2013

And naturally, a cute photo of Ein. Seriously – I can’t handle the cuteness at times.

Hope you all enjoyed my trip so far, wish you all could come!