The Grid with Wedding Photographer Anna Nguyen

Hey All!

Last Wednesday, Kerry and I drove through a ridiculous rainfall – it was just SHEETS of rain all the way starting from Port Charlotte to Tampa, FL to be on The Grid with Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion on Check out more awesome stuff from these guys and to watch more “The Grid” videos: I want to thank those two for such an amazing opportunity and such fun hosts. Thank you for being easy on me! If you missed the LIVE version of the show, you can catch it below or click on here.

Scott and RC talk to me about organizing your files and how to make it easier on yourself, wedding photography to help new wedding photographers begin and what I think you should focus on the most: the art of the photograph.

Also, I would love to thank everyone who supported me in the comments, sent me lovely e-mails, and reached out via this show. YOU ALL SERIOUSLY ROCK and I’m totally blessed to be part of such a supportive community.