“His eyes see right to my soul, I surrender self-control, catch me looking again, falling right into my plan

Wonder if he knows he’s on my radar.”

Radar – Britney Spears

Model: Anya Pietruszko

Location: Private Residence

Make-up & Hair: Salon Tease

Assistant(s): Samantha Oliver, Kerry Stratton, Kehrin Hassan, Sophia McHugh


A big thank you to everyone who helped out on this shoot.

Dan and David (Salon Tease), you two did a wonderful job, thank you for taking my vague ideas and making them into a reality, for taking such care in making sure everything was perfect.

Sam, Kerry, Kehrin: thank you so much for the all the help the first day, for standing in as models, for handling the horse when necessary, for taping down stuff and being great assistants.

Sophia, thank you so much for the loan of dress (it’s stunning) and assisting the second day – you did great!

Anya: when we work together – we make magic. Thank you for being awesome and indulging my ideas.

Everyone else – thanks for stopping by!

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