My best friend Ben and his family are literally my second family. I have known Ben since the summer before we were both seniors in high school; we met while we were both in college as dual-enrolled students. We literally spent our entire summer semester playing ping pong, eating fries with a ton of ketchup, and studying our butts off in Comp I. We graduated together but went to different universities, him graduating from Florida State University, and I from Florida Gulf Coast University. We have stayed close friends since and both my family and his have adopted us both. I was in Tallahassee when our sister Jennifer called Ben to tell him he was going to be an uncle – the first grandbaby/niece!! HOW FREAKING EXCITED could we both possibly be!?!? Well baby Jaina is currently going to be 7 months old and is totally a ham for the camera! I am totally going to be THAT AUNTIE. 😉

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