Tiffany, Justin and I met through a mutual friend in the study lobby of our university, we affectionally refer to that particular lobby as the “nerditorium”. When Tiffany and Justin got engaged, it was just a natural process to get a hold of me to photograph their big day – in Melbourne, FL! We kept in touch after all three of us graduated and come September 24th, Kerry and I took the 4 and a half hour drive across the state to Melbourne, FL. Let’s just say the drive itself wouldn’t have been bad – if it wasn’t raining so hard that we could only see 10 feet ahead of us, we would have been golden. Except we were driving right through a tropical storm (at night) to make it to Tiffany and Justin’s Saturday noon ceremony. Not only was it nerve-wrecking with the drive, I was nervous it was going to rain all day on their wedding day. Alas, we got to our hotel safe and sound and it was bright and sunny come Saturday morning! Got to love Florida weather right? đŸ˜‰

Tiffany and Justin had a beautiful and intimate ceremony and reception at the Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront surrounded by all of their close family and friends (Kerry and I even had a seat!) Thank you Tiffany and Justin for letting us share in your big day! Much love and best wishes!!







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