A venue is the visual stage for one of the best celebrations of your life. The location of your nuptials is important, it is the foundation to all your wedding decor and must flow well with your theme. There are a few things you should consider when looking into venues, especially what to ask on a venue tour.

I sat down with the wedding ladies at a great local venue in Naples, Florida – The Club at the Strand. Strand-Wedding-Spotlight-2a

They gave me some amazing insight on what it means to be a wedding coordinator, what to expect from a venue preferred vendor, and what makes them just a little bit different. They were also so gracious to give me a full wedding tour of their facilities and what a bride could expect from them.

Let me tell you, these ladies are something else – they are passionate, caring, and professional. They are a wonderful mix of experience and perspective: one is a veteran while another is a new bride with a passion for making things happen. Both have a common goal of making your day the best you have ever planned.

When asked what it was they were most passionate about what they do for the couples who come to the Strand, Eileen’s response was, “Seeing everything come together.” Rebecca, as a newlywed, loves the fact that she can connect with the excitement, the event, and the couple on an emotional level. Both love developing close relationships with their clients and usually become friends.


I asked Eileen and Rebecca what advice they could give me that many brides may overlook or stress too much about during planning, and their advice was great!

“Don’t let others influence your day.” – Eileen

“Take it one day at a time, you can only do so much.” – Rebecca

Some of the other things I took from our conversation was how to keep the stress down from family who can be “over-helpful, or over-bearing.” Compromise. Compromise on the items you find are less important, but stick to your guns on the items that mean the most to you.


On our venue tour, I asked Eileen and Rebecca what questions they thought were important to ask on a site visit like the one we were doing that many couples may overlook or not ask. Here are their responses:

“How many other events will happen here on my wedding date?”

“Will you be the one I will be working with from beginning to end?”

“Do you have a preferred vendors list?”

“Why are these particular vendors on your list? Why do you prefer to work with them?”

“What other things can you offer me to help me prepare for my wedding day?”



I was blown away by the questions they posed and at the answers both Eileen and Rebecca answered.

The Club at the Strand will only host one event per day. Both Eileen and Rebecca work as a team for each bride, but usually the coordinator who you meet at your site/venue tour will be your main contact. The Club at the Strand has a preferred vendor’s list of professionals who are reliable, responsive, prompt, and professional in manner, speech, and dress. The Club at the Strand also provides specialty linens and chairs, and will do a “Mock Table Display” so that you can SEE what your reception tables will look like BEFORE the day, so you can make changes accordingly before you realize that the table cloth color you wanted was a shade too dark, or didn’t mesh well with your florals or other mishap. The “Mock Table Display” surprised me because I didn’t know of any other venues doing that, and I think that is really awesome and thoughtful.


I hope you all found this article insightful and if you wanted to ask any of them questions or schedule a venue tour, you can find their contact below!

Eileen/Rebecca: strandcatering@thestrandclub.com

Website: http://www.thestrandcc.com/

Phone Number: (239) 593-8026

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