One day, a long time ago, a girl met a boy and they fell in love. Actually, if I remember Alyssa’s father’s wedding toast accurately: after she met Myles, she came home and declared to her family that she was going to “marry that man” – she knew, right away, that they were meant for each other.

Three years, a wicked fun engagement session and a huge wedding celebration later, Alyssa and Myles are STILL completely in love with each other and we are still lifelong friends. (Heck, her father is my CPA! – he is the best!)

I’m excited to share these images from the archives of 2011! They are STILL this adorable, and they are STILL this much in love. Here’s to many more happy memories for you both!

Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0005 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_005a Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0006 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0047 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0051 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0059 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0097 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0111 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0123 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0129 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0145 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0191 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0193 Myles&Alyssa_Engagement_20110618_0200
Let me know what you think below or if you are newly engaged and love what you see…

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